The I Matter Framework Intensive

A strong foundation for capacity building and community based practice with complex children and families

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The I Matter Framework Intensive:

One-Two day Foundation Course

With extended learning options


How can schools and primary care services respond to the wide spread concern about children's mental health and well-being and the huge gaps in services?

What are the everyday implications of an understanding of ACES and trauma?   Could some of the current thinking be taking us in an unhelpful direction?    Would you like to take some action to make a difference in your community?

An I Matter Framework one day Intensive is an opportunity for GP's and Senior Teachers and leaders to get a fast view of the big picture.   What does the evidence really say about what is needed in children and family practice?    How could these ideas help you work with others to deliver a new approach in your community?   What is your role?

The I Matter Framework is a carefully constructed integration of a wide and often confusing literature.  It offers an accessible practical language that can help professionals and parents and young people talk together more easily about challenging times.  It creates a really solid foundation and clear direction of travel to inform decision making at both individual and strategic levels.

The I Matter intensive is a good way to get started on an I Matter Journey so that you can work with others to build better understanding of the needs of complex children and families and work towards improving capacity for the support that is needed.  

The intensive day is aimed particularly for senior professionals in schools and community services who want to

i) learn about the I Matter Framework

ii) work with local colleagues to support important conversations

iii) work towards building capacity to support accessible education for parents and carers


Participants to the day will be offered the opportunity to extend and deepen their learning through participation in the Foundation A and B online courses

Foundation A online  Confusion to Clarity:  offers two half terms of study of the elements of the I Matter Framework with 6 sessions of webinar support.    

There is an expectation of around 90mins online study every fortnight to prepare for the webinar.

Foundation B online coaching:  Watching Affectionately:  Offers an intensive 3 week Theory to Practice learning opportunity

Participants can then return with their group cohort for a face to face event to review their learning and an action planning session with colleagues

This is CPD with a difference that will impact positively on work and on home life and help you strengthen community based relationships.


+ The content has been extremely interesting and beneficial to my work as a Public Health Nurse. It would be hard for me to pick out a particular part as it was all good and relevant.  I will be using this course as part of my professional CPD for my employer.   The course has made me think about all my relationships. It has definitely reinforced my thinking that as health professionals working with children we need to always have the parent/carer in our focus as well as the child. I strongly believe that the way we currently support children and families is not very holistic and can be quite damning to families.. Experienced Public Health School Nurse

+ As a result of I Matter Training I understood what had happened in my relationship with my own son many many years ago and as a result we talked - for the first time in so long (Experienced teacher and parent) 

+ I am no longer overwhelmed by the complex children I work with.  i now love my job and relationships at home have really improved so much too (Teaching assistant and parent)

+ This is a brilliant practical course for anyone looking to improve their own interpersonal  relationships, especially with their own family/children, or to help families in need/crises to improve their  relationships (GP and parent)

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Cathy Betoin
Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent

About the instructor

Dr Cathy Betoin is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher and a parent.

She has worked in schools, child psychology and CAMHS settings for over 30 years with children and families who are managing a wide variety of challenging and complex behaviours. Cathy has a passion for ensuring that parents, carers and professionals who work directly with children have access to the knowledge and understanding that can help them make a difference.

The Adult-Child Well-Being 'I Matter' Framework is a carefully organised well-evidenced set of ideas organised into a practical foundation for decision making.  It draws attention to the fact that to help a challenging or complex child we have to put adult-child relationships, adult-child stress and child development back on the map.

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