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Responding to the Gaps in Provision for Children and Families

Become a Friend of the I Matter Framework

The Adult-Child Well-Being I Matter Project started out from a sense of professional confusion about how to respond meaningfully to perpetually long waiting lists and to the serious levels of stress being observed in so many of our  children and young people.

It seemed we were missing something very important

What has emerged is a set of resources that promote important thinking  about child and family practice - and about what individuals and communities can do and why and bring about positive changes for childrens mental health and wellbeing.

I Matter Training is constituted as a social enterprise and we run on a very tight not-for-profit basis.

If you would like to support our work, then donating to our work through the Friends of I Matter Framework programme is one practical way of helping us reach others. 

As a friend we will 

+ send you a termly round up of our project progress 

+ invite you to a termly webinar to share the progress of our project

We put the funds from Friends of the I Matter Framework towards our work on community development.    This includes our community wheel program and our outreach development programme.   We would like to be able to grow our team on the basis of confidence that our work matters to people,

If you are someone who would like to donate a bit more to our work then we would also be very grateful.

We promise to use your contributions wisely!.   

Thank you!

Dr Cathy Betoin

Cathy Betoin
Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent

About the instructor

Dr Cathy Betoin is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher and a parent.

She has worked in schools, child psychology and CAMHS settings for over 30 years with children and families who are managing a wide variety of challenging and complex behaviours. Cathy has a passion for ensuring that parents, carers and professionals who work directly with children have access to the knowledge and understanding that can help them make a difference.

The Adult-Child Well-Being 'I Matter' Framework is a carefully organised well-evidenced set of ideas organised into a practical foundation for decision making.  It draws attention to the fact that to help a challenging or complex child we have to put adult-child relationships, adult-child stress and child development back on the map.

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