The 'I Matter' Framework. Explore Relationships. The Brain, Health. Your Role.

Strong Foundations for Better Well-being in Young People & Adults

I: Introductory Webinar - What is the I Matter Framework and why is it needed?

The Introductory webinar and/or workshop will provide you with some context. What is the I Matter Framework? Why is it needed? And how can it help professionals and parents?

I: The I Matter Framework - One-Two Day Intensive for Senior Leaders

The I Matter One-Two Day Intensive is designed to bring community leaders together across agencies to think about how to address children's needs based on the evidence of what they need to thrive and why, starting with a locality based approach.

I: Foundation: From Confusion to Clarity in the Care of the Challenging or Complex Child

In the Foundation stages of training, you cover well-evidenced psychological ideas carefully organised into an easy to use practical 'I Matter' Framework to support you in knowing what to do and why to help your challenging or complex child.

I: Foundation B - Group - Watching Affectionately

I Matter B Courses provide our Theory to Practice support. These are short intensive programs of 2-4 weeks either with 1:1 or group based support. The focus is on understanding I Matter Theory in everyday incidents

I: Intermediate: Thinking Developmentally in the Care of the Challenging or Complex Child for Professionals

The Intermediate course is for those who need a more detailed knowledge of child development. We look at three aspects of challenging behaviour focussing on core skills: Where are we now? How did we get here? How do we get to where we want to go?

I: I Matter LINK Professional Training

Link Professional Training is for schools or services who want to be able to make I Matter Training available for inhouse professionals at a significant discount as part of developing better informed practice and a development strategy.